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1. Company Profile

Provides quality logistics solutions in the field of packing, moving, shipping of household goods and other commercial commodities.

2. Service Roster

List of services included during relocation of goods.

Steps involved in relocation services.
Professionally packed goods avoids insurance claims during relocation.
AIMS Logistics makes it possible to move and deliver the shipments on time.
Protects from the scars of multiple handling of the goods at various points.
Proper system enables to transport any kind of vehicle worldwide
Information on transporting Pets
In-house Customs clearance department enablesl control on the shipments at all times.
Supports best shipping lines and freight forwarders to avail the best services
AIMS Logistics is well equipped with fire fighting equipment and round the clock security.
"All-Risks" policy covers domestic and international shipments from the time the goods leave your premises.

3. Basic Guidelines

Procedure for Transfer of Residence

Baggage rules & regulation applicable for Import of Household Goods.
Tips on Loading and Shipping of Goods

4. Process of Moving

Process of relocation at the time of Shipment.
Mastermind Planning before shipment of goods

5. Request a Quote

Evaluation about shipping the goods.

6. Feedback

Give your opinion on the operations carried by us

7. Contact Us

Get in touch with AIMS Logistics for more details on relocation services, freight forwarding, custom clearance and logistics solutions.

At AIMS Logistics we specialise in providing comprehensive relocation services apart from being professional packers and movers and freight forwarders. We also excel in pet moving and provide free information on customs and baggage rules.

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