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Inbound Process

1. The First Link
When you call us for obtaining a quote, our rate specialist methodically pens down all the required details of your shipment. He then carefully analyses the requirements and prepares a quotation, which is promptly forwarded to you. Since we understand your urgency, we try to reply to rate requests before the end of the working day.

2. Confirmation
Once we receive a Go-ahead from you on the quotation, we recommend the method of consigning the shipment to India and provide various suggestions which will help make your move hassle free.

3. The Initial Contact
The minute we obtain the shipping documents and consignee information, (E.g. -
Your expected date of arrival, contact details in India, Bill of Lading, Packing List) we immediately appoint a move co-ordinator. The move co-ordinator is our representative, who will stand by you until the shipment is satisfactorily delivered to your residence.

4. Regular Follow Up
Our move co-ordinator will contact the airline or shipping line to find the exact status of the shipment and update you on the same.

The move co-ordinator will also fix up a date and time convenient to you to get your signature on the customs declaration forms. It is customary that our Managing Director accompanies the move co-ordinator to the first meeting with you to personally explain various customs formalities and the stages through which the shipment will pass before it is finally delivered to you.

6. Customs Clearance Services
Once the shipments land at the nominated airport or seaport, our customs clearance department springs into action. When the goods are ready for clearance the customs documentation prepared by them will be submitted to customs department.

In India, customs authorities normally insist that the consignee should be present at the time of customs clearance or examination. Our move coordinator will take an appointment at the day and time mutually convenient to you and the customs authorities.
Our managing director will personally accompany you at the time of customs clearance.

If, due to certain pressing reasons, you are not able to make it for the stipulated appointment, our move coordinator will take a fresh appointment, of which you will be immediately notified. However, if you are unable to make it for the customs clearance due to some unforeseen circumstances, we shall clear the same in your absence after complying with certain additional formalities.

Once the goods are examined and customs duty, if any, is paid we shall complete the remaining customs and port formalities and arrange for the delivery of the goods.
Our move coordinator will schedule the delivery date after consulting you on the date and time suitable to you.

7. Storage in Transit
If your apartment is not ready or for some other reason, you are unable to take delivery of the shipment on the pre-arranged date and want us to house it for a little longer, we can arrange for temporary storage in our warehouse.

8. The D-elivery Day!!!
On the stipulated date and time our supervisor with our crew will reach your residence and arrange for the delivery of the shipment. The delivery will be made after comparing the same against the packing list received earlier.

The goods will be carefully taken inside the house and our efficient crew shall unpack and position the goods as per your instructions. After unpacking, our crew shall clear out all the rubble from your house, before leaving with a smile.


A final delivery receipt will be taken from you certifying receipt of goods in sound condition. We would like to have your suggestions and feedback to enable us to improve ourselves to serve you better.

At AIMS Logistics we specialise in providing comprehensive relocation services apart from being professional packers and movers and freight forwarders. We also excel in pet moving and provide free information on customs and baggage rules.


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