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First Point of Contact

The evolvement of the concept of relocation depends upon the outcome of the initial consultation and information exchange between the HR Department of a company and the AIMS Relocation Consultant. During this phase various pertinent matters will be discussed regarding the Company's expatriate policies, procedures, budgets and management requirements etc. The above helps as the management requirements may alter with respect to each specific relocation.

Upon confirmation of an assignment, a Clients' Need Analysis (CNA) is sent to the employee being relocated prior to his departure. Through CNA an attempt is made to get an insight about the requirements of the transferee e.g. his personal preferences and expectations, choice and size of home, school and sporting facilities etc. This helps in making the transfer as smooth as possible.

The first Point of Contact is established between the AIMS Relocation Consultant and the transferee, which helps the HR department to concentrate on doing what it does best…taking care of their people.

The below mentioned services are offered with a smile by The AIMS Relocation Consultant :

Pick-up and airport transfer
Orientation Tour of the relevant residential areas
Arranging hotel or temporary accomodation
Car Rentals / Car purchase
Providing adequate literature and maps
Providing contact details of emergency services like police, fire brigade, hospitals etc

Treated as first priority
Finding a home that closely matches the requirements listed in the CNA
Rental / Lease negotiations
Complete paperwork
Take care of transfer
Connection of Utilities and check inventory and defects list

Ensure property is clean and all necessary repairs have been carried out.

Short list international schools keeping in mind the courses offered
Accompany the transferee and their children on school interviews
Assistance with registration and paperwork
Assistance in getting Memberships of sports associations and social clubs

Introduction to local customs in the new country
Different ways of communicating and mannerisms in the new country
Assistance in understanding the cultural and traditional behaviour in the new country

Assistance in identifying good shopping areas and malls
Introductions to same culture groups
Assistance with employment
Memberships to volunteer and social groups
Introductions to health and sporting facilities
Assistance with arranging appointments to meet medical and professional consultants

Assistance with home maintenance Handyman Services
Prompt Attention to ensure immediate attention to the problem


These services are offered in addition to the above :
Tax & Insurance
Purchase of Furniture
Arranging domestic staff and cleaning services
Import of Automobiles


Once a transferee is ready to move out again the Outbound Relocation department gets into action. AIMS Logistics can help in arranging the same services at any destination, across the globe. The following services are offered to the transferee on his move to a new destination :

Packing and Moving of household goods, motor cars, pets
Closure of bank accounts
Resignations to clubs, societies, libraries and schools and securing return of deposit fees, wherever applicable.
Disconnection of utilities


At AIMS Logistics, its our endeavour to provide the best levels of service with attention to the most minute details and thereby help the transferee and his family settle down comfortably in the shortest possible time in their new environment.

All efforts are made to make the transition of the transferee and his family as smooth and hassle free as possible. Needless to say that with the kind of back up team that we have at AIMS Logistics it's easier to see smiling and satisfied customers.

Ever since our conception, it has been our foremost goal to provide matchless service standards. We monitor our service levels on a daily basis, and make place for improvement at the slightest chance to do so. In that sense, we are an extremely proactive and dynamic, with our heart in the right place.

Hence, at AIMS Logistics, we do not call the process of relocation The ART of Relocation but The HEART of Relocation.

At AIMS Logistics we specialise in providing comprehensive relocation services apart from being professional packers and movers and freight forwarders. We also excel in pet moving and provide free information on customs and baggage rules.


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