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Import of Household Goods

Freely Importable Items

If the consignee imports personal effects and house-hold goods which were in his use and possession for e.g. clothes, books, kitchenware, furniture small appliances like mixer, juicer, iron etc., the same are allowed to be imported duty free. However, new articles will be charged duty @ 35%.

As per the new interim policy, effective Jan. 09, 2004, NRIs and Foreign nationals coming to India on a Transfer of Residence can now import the following electronic appliances (mentioned under Annexure III) without payment of any custom duty viz. :-

Personal Computer (Desktop Computer)

Washing Machine

Laptop Computer (Notebook Computer)

Cooking Range

Refrigerators of capacity up to 300 Litres or its equivalent

Additionally, custom duty has been reduced to 15% on import of the following electronic appliances (falling under ANNEXURE II) under Transfer of Residence concessions viz.:-

Deep Freezer

DVD Player

Microwave Oven
Home Theatre System
Video Camera
Dish Washer
Word Processing Machine
Music System
Fax Machine
Air Conditioner Machine
Portable Photocopying
Domestic Refrigerators of capacity above 300 litres or its equivalent
Cinematographic films of 35mm and above.

The benefit of the concessional duty rate of 15% is allowed only on the first unit. If the consignee has two or more units of any appliance, or the combined value of the appliances exceeds Rs. 5,00,000 (US $ 10,000) duty @ 35% will be charged on the additional units / value.

Documents required

Original bl / Awb copy.
Shipper's original passport.
Inventory in English (legible).
Signed Indian customs declaration Forms (will be supplied by us).
Diplomatic shipments require duty exemption certificates from the Govt. of India.
Dutiable imports
Any personal effect or household goods can be imported into India on payment of customs duty @ 50% of the value assessed by the Customs Authorities.
Foodstuff imports
Foreign nationals coming to India on a Transfer of Residence can import foodstuffs and provisions(excluding fruit products, alcohol and tobacco) in their main hhg shipment duty free up to a limit of Rs. 50,000/- (US $ 1000);

Resident foreign nationals can also import foodstuffs and provisions (excluding fruit products, alcohol and tobacco) up to Rs. 1,00,000/- p.a. (approx. $ 2000) subject to the condition that the consignee makes the payment for such import from the funds available to him/her in the foreign country.
Alcohol imports

Customs Duties on alcohol, wines, spirits, beer, etc. are very high (approx. 240 %). Please inform us prior to shipping these items.
Restricted / prohibited goods

All forms of wild animals and birds including their parts and products e.g. ivory, horn-cores, bones, skins, feathers etc., porno-graphic material, obscene literature, narcotics, firearms, ammunition and other weapons. Kindly contact us for detailed information before shipping these items.
Import of Pets

A cat, dog or parrot may be imported into India provided veterinary certificates and other health documents are in order. Kindly contact us for additional information before shipping the pets to India.

- All possible care has been taken to provide accurate and updated information; however, we are not liable for any errors or omissions and the consequential loss individuals or organizations may suffer as a result. You are advised to refer official notifications and Baggage Rules in these regards.

At AIMS Logistics we specialise in providing comprehensive relocation services apart from being professional packers and movers and freight forwarders. We also excel in pet moving and provide free information on customs and baggage rules.


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