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Import of New Cars

As amended by Ntfn 4 (RE-2001) dated 31.03.2001 :

(2) (I) A new imported vehicle (including all the vehicles other than Railway or Tramway) for the purposes of this Chapter shall mean a vehicle that :-
  a. has not been manufactured/assembled in India; and
  b. has not been sold, leased or loaned prior to importation into India; or
  c. has not been registered for use in any country according to the laws of that country, prior to importation into India.
  (II) The import of new vehicles shall be subject to the following conditions :
  a. The new vehicle shall -
have a speedometer indicating the speed in Kilometer per hour
  (ii) have right hand steering, and controls (applicable on vehicles other than two and three wheelers)
  (iii) have photometry of the headlamps to suit "keep-left" traffic; and
  (iv) be imported from the country of manufacture.
  b. In addition to the conditions specified in (a) above, the new vehicle shall conform to the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and the rules made thereunder, as applicable, on the date of import.
  c. Whoever being an importer or dealer in motor vehicles who imports or offers to import a new vehicle into India shall,
at the time of importation, have valid certificate of compliance as per the provisions of rule 126 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR), 1989, for the vehicle model being imported, issued by any of the testing agencies specified in the said rule;
  (ii) be responsible for all the provisions assigned to the manufacture as per Rules 122 & 138 of CMVR, 1989 for issuing Form 22, as per provisions of CMVR, 1989; and
  (iii) give an undertaking in writing that the proof of compliance to conformity of production as per rule 126A of CMVR shall be submitted within six months of the imports. In case of failure to do so, no further import of new vehicle of that model shall be allowed thereafter.
  d. The import of new vehicles shall be permitted only through the Customs port at Nhava Sheva, Kolkata, Chennai, ICD Tughlakabad and Delhi Air Cargo.
  e. The provisions of this notification will not apply to the imports of new vehicles -
for the purpose of certification as per para c (i) above;
  (ii) for the purpose of defence requirements; and
  (iii) for the purpose of R&D by vehicle manufacturers."

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